We are a growing Artisan Garment Manufacturing Company with a compact team of experts in couturier that are proud to be specialized in producing artisanal quality products.

Our manufacture department can handle all types of woven fabric productions from small quantity of order to big bulk quantity of orders for customer who wishes to make production for their private label or retail boutiques.

Our MOQ;

  • Artisanal production MOQ is 36 pcs per style, with a limit of 3 sizes and 2 colors;
  • Bulk orders production MOQ is 720 pcs with minimum of 144 pcs per style, with limit of 6 sizes and 3 colors per style.

Here at House of IOCO Fashion Factory, we aim to serve every individual customer’s needs by giving them the best services we can offer; by providing the best solutions, qualities and to give our customer ease for their every production matters.

Our services include everything from consultation, designing stage all the way to finish goods and delivery arrangements.
If you wish to make your own designs or collection with us, these below are the usual steps we usually apply in our practice;

1. Design consultation.

Here we discuss with you, your initial ideas of your brand’s collection designs, material use, and many other subjects that you would like to discuss with us.
You can begin by sending us your initial information of your ideas, pictures, technical specs or a photograph of your garment ideas for us to have a feel of your brand

2. Sample & Production Quotation

If you already know what you wish to make, you can send us your design with detail technical packs right away and we will provide you with a quotation for sampling and its production cost.
Our sample cost includes a minimum studio service charge of USD50.00(++) + unit wholesale price/ sample piece.

Please note some of our most asks term & conditions:

  • Sample payments are always to be paid fully upfront and are non-refundable.
  • All invoices are subject to 10% VAT.
  • Sample making services will require a confirmation booking of our studio schedule. Therefore, Sample Invoice that has been issued by our company will need to be paid fully at least 5 working days before the starting date of your sample production period. Unpaid sample Invoice that has not been made before the date line will automatically be nulled and will be re-scheduled.
  • Sample that are needed to be recut because of major changes will result additional cost and are also to be paid fully upfront before we can re-start and complete the sampling processes.
  • Clients must open or register an international courier account with company such as; DHL, TNT, FED EX, UPS, etc; or will be subject to pay all courier/shipments correspondences
  • Sample prices will increase; as the designs gets more complex or require many hours, etc ;  if material requires to be bought with retail MOQ/ if the material price is high; or if designs include all type of custom printing (silk screen, digital print, batik stamps, etc.)/machine embroidery/hand embellishments. /machine embroidery/hand embellishments.
  • Sample and unit price are subject to change with prior notice.


3. Sampling Processes & Time line.

This stage of development is usually the longest and costliest stage of a production processes. It is a stage where we develop your production sample prototype until you are satisfied with the results.
Usually, it can take up to 2-4weeks depending on how complicated the designs are and how many changes are made during the process.

4. Purchase Order(PO) & Performa Invoice(PI).

Once, you have received your samples and are satisfied with the results and you wish to place an order with us, you must send us a clear detail Purchase Order (with qty/size; cols; style refs, etc.)
Once we received your PO(Purchase Order) we will confirm your production schedule and estimated delivery time.
50% Down Payment is to be paid before the given date line marked on the PI, and Balance Payment needs to be paid fully before date of delivery.

5. Production Time and Delivery.

Production of basic collections with ready stock material will usually take up about less than 4 weeks depending on the quantity.
Production with more complex design or/and the fabric combination or/and require special finishing with further treatments, such as stone wash, sand wash, or tie dyes, etc. may take more than 4 weeks.
Digital printing on material will take up to at least 4-6weeks.
Screen Printing & Dyeing will usually take up to 4-6weeks depending on weather situation.(note: bad weather such as rain/ humidity usually are not very friendly with timeline)
Machine printing, will need a minimum order qty of 2000pcs – 3000pcs per print design, and it will take approximately 12weeks until completion.
Embellishments such as beadings, sequins, machine embroideries, or anything that requires delicate hand work will take min of 6 -12 weeks