Champagne Finale

The Experience Upon visiting iBRIDE Bridal Lounge, you will be greeted by a bridal consultant and shown some of the gowns we carry, designer sarees we carry, Lehengas etc. We will ask you some basic questions such as your style, budget and how you want to feel on your big day. We will encourage you to show any pictures saved, ideas you have and styles that catch your eye. If you are unsure of what you want, we are always there to offer our support and suggestions specifically for you. Take your time and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles.

Relax in luxurious, private, comfortable surroundings in our studio. Browse through our Ready to wear collections on arrival, an oversized dressing room to try clothes, large triptych mirrors, quality lighting, a large plush lounge and seating for your A-team! Service is friendly, knowledgeable and unpretentious. We hope to make the process of Bridal Designing with IYA stress-free and fun.


Champagne Finale was created from a desire to provide you with the ultimate bridal experience before your big day. Enjoy champagne, delicious appetizers and one bite-size cupcakes in an intimate and luxurious experience that you will be sure to remember for years to come.

Pricing: 5,000 p/p LKR

Enjoy the ultimate bridal experience in a relaxed & exclusive environment on your finale fit on date, with bridesmaids, sisters, mothers and friends. Surrounded by up to 6-10 max of your closest friends and family members, you will be pampered with your own personal bridal consultant during your finale fit on. Sip on Champagne, have some nibbles and enjoy the laughter, tears and joy.

iBRIDE Bridal Lounge has teamed up with Angel cupcakes to offer delicious one bite cupcakes to add to the fun! from their many flavors including lemon, coffee, vanilla, hazelnut, blueberry.

To schedule a champagne finale fit on for yourself or for a loved one (they make a GREAT gift!), simply email us at [email protected]

These private appointments require planning and can sometimes take one week to organize. Please call for more details.

These private appointments require planning and can sometimes take one week to organize. Please call for more details.

***please note, offering champagne requires a special liquor license that we secure in advance. This is why we cannot allow liquor to be brought in to the store during regular shop hours.

Wedding Dress Tips and Advice for The Bride

Bride Tips

Depending on the designer, couture wedding outfits normally take six to twelve months to plan and 3 months to execute. Allow at least one month before your wedding date for fittings.

It is not a bad idea to wear your hair in the style you think you want to have on your wedding day. Doing so will help give you an idea of how the wedding veil and headpiece will look on you.

You might want to bring shoes with comfortable heel height. This will help you determine the proper length of your outfit.

If you are planning on losing weight before your wedding, do not hesitate in telling the designer. Perhaps give yourself a goal and discuss it with your consultant. Proper arrangements can then be made.

A bride should come to the bridal studio with no more than two to three people who are instrumental in helping with her decision. She should not bring the entire bridal party or she will lose focus.

Always be open-minded and allow a knowledgeable bridal designer to show your fashion. Don’t just say no. You have nothing to lose and may unexpectedly find your perfect wedding outfit silhouette.

We do not recommend that a bride take a picture of herself in the fit on outfit. You want to leave the element of surprise for your wedding day

Bridesmaid Tips

If you are concerned with varying sizes in your bridal party, tell the designer of your concern. The bridesmaids can then each pick a style that will best accommodate their figure. However please note, this is the bride’s big day and we are not after any bridesmaidzillas. 99.9% of the time you’re getting a free outfit and IYA Bride’s priority is her bride.

Don’t be afraid to consider two-tone bridesmaid dresses, stripes, prints, plaids, or t-length dresses for your girls. You can create a look that is most unique.

If you are looking for a way to have your maid of honor(s) stand out, they can wear a different outfit or the same outfit in a different color. A larger and/or unique bouquet is another option.

Bringing pictures of bridesmaid outfit can be helpful in finding the best style for your party. However, we recommend keeping an open mind and allowing your IYA Bridal Designer to suggest styles you may not have otherwise considered.

We offer a wide variety of Little dresses, as well as flower girl dresses, to complement either the bridal or bridesmaid’s outfits.

When the bridesmaids come in for their fittings, make sure they have the proper undergarments and shoes. This will save time and potentially unnecessary alterations.

When mothers are looking for an outfit, they should not limit themselves to traditional styles. Mothers do commonly wear gold, ivory or champagne with a match of bridesmaid’s colors.

Beading and embellishments can be added or subtracted to most outfits. Many styles can be modified based on the formality of affair or time of day. Not all outfits have to be matronly. We love to dress mothers in the most current looks and colors. Many styles we have are both flattering and youthful.You want to allow 3 months for delivery of your Mother of the Bride or Mother in Law, Sisters etc outfits. You must also consider that evening wear alterations require at least two fittings.

Wedding Outfit Cleaning and Storing.

Are you wondering what to do with your bridal outfit after your big day? Your gown is the most important outfit you will ever buy so cleaning and preserving it after your wedding day, so future generations get to enjoy your dress as much as you did must be a priority for you.

We have joined together with Laundromat to offer you the full service of cleaning and boxing your outfit so it is kept in pristine condition for many years to come. All you have to do is bring your outfit back to us. We will oversee the hand-finished cleaning process for you all done by highly-trained wedding outfit specialists.

Once the dress has been inspected, we will then fold the outfit, layer it in acid-free tissue paper to prevent discoloration of the fabric into a beautifully designed presentation box by IYA BRIDE. This will help you treasure the memories forever by ensuring your outfit remains a beautiful reminder of a unique occasion.