Factory Manager

A single independent woman, working hard to establish herself on her own and not be dependent on a man, typical to Sri Lankan village cultures. The backbone of House of Indi.


Store & Client Relationship Manager

Divorced mother of 2 kids, supporting them and looking after her mother, while dedicating herself to the development of House of Indi 24/7, she is the first point of contact for all clients.


Sourcing and Delivery

Married with 3 kids, helping her husband with the financial burden of a household by working at House of Indi. She manages all our emergency sourcing of fabrics/delivery.


Senior Seamstress

A lone ranger in our team, she is the best at what she does, Married with kids, she continues to travel every day over 1 hour to support her family with her salary at the end of the month.


Senior Seamstress

Dedicated to the maximum, she is one of the humblest and loving team members.



The loudest of them all, she assists all other staff members as an assistant, while supporting her husband at home financially.



The youngest in our team, she is right after school following her passion and we are more than happy to help her develop a career in fashion while supporting her family.


Hand working specialist

The newest member of the team, she continues to learn the ropes from senior staff members. She is on a path to develop her skills and eventually move up within the business


Hand working specialist

She finds comfort at work among her colleagues and working here help her support her 2 things: her education and household bills.


Senior Cutter

Divorced and in her late 60s, she still continues to travel 2 hours one way daily to get to work as she finds it therapeutic and a stress reliever from her household life. She is the longest-serving member and nears her long service and will be leaving soon.


Head Cutter

A young gun and the only male in the team. He strives to push all staff members to reach their maximum output capacity. While learning to be more feminine in his design cuts from all the other ladies at work.