Owner/ Creative Director
Indeevari (Indi) Yapa Abeywardena

She is known to be the backbone of “INDI” couture wear, “IYA Bride” along with “iBRIDE Bridal Lounge” and the brand’s diffusion Line “INDI DIVA”.

During her 5 year stay in one of Europe’s major fashion focal points, she has been able to absorb a vast knowledge regarding numerous areas within the fashion industry. With time she has realized that a great design related to fashion would probably never be equal to a cure for a disease or a crucial solution for world hunger. However, one thing fashion is capable of is, making a person feel better and increase their self-esteem. It is not something purely superficial; as appearance can have profound effects personally and to the world at large.

She graduated from Middlesex University London in BA Fashion Design, as well as Women’s wear special from the University of Hertfordshire. Her skills were further furnished after she finished off her internship as a part of the permanent cadre at the Design Department of Henry Bertrand London which is the largest supplier of chiffon, organza and pure silk fabrics in the UK.

She took part in a wide range of international fashion shows under her own label INDI which was later launched in Sri Lanka at the Colombo Fashion Week in 2011. Up to this point, March 2013 was the highlight of her career as she participated under a collection inspired by Mexican floral and geometric embroidery designs at L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival in Melbourne.

Today, Indi enjoys an ever-growing high fashion clientele and has successfully established three ready-to-wear lines – INDI couture wear, IYA Bride and her diffusion line INDI DIVA. Taking her renowned talent into another realm of design, INDI anticipates the official launching of her couture jewelry line in the near future.

Located in a quiet suburb of Colombo 5, Indi’s main atelier hosts high fashion clients, bridal clients and ready-to-wear buyers. The atelier now employs more than 10 ladies at her studio factory, who are masters of the art of sewing, embroidery, weaving, tie-dye and batik plus works with over 50 sub-contractors of local artisans/craftsman’s in Sri Lanka, Indi, Thailand and Vietnam for fabrics sourcing to accessories. All of whom, who has been trained in age-old skills handed down from generation to generation.

Her journey


– CFW Fashion Week

– Launch of INDI Signature accessory OWL belt


– CFW Fashion Week

– SAARC Fashion Exhibition – Nepal


– Launch of Diffusion Line “INDI DIVA”

– Launched of INDI & Co. Dept. Boutique store.


– Finale Designer at the first ever LAKME Sri Lanka Fashion Week.

– Unilever Sri Lanka Partnership for LUX

– Unilever Sri Lanka Partnership for Sunsilk


– Launch of iBRIDE Bridal Lounge and IYA Bride

– Unilever Sri Lanka Partnership for Ponds

– Unilever Sri Lanka Partnership for Vaseline with Colombo Fashion Week


– Asian Designer Fashion Week

– CFW and National Crafts Council Sri Lanka CRAFTALIVE show


– Participated in L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival in Melbourne

– Launched of first Resort Collection with CFW Resort Galle, “Textile and Craft in Fashion”


– Commenced lecturing at the University of Moratuwa at the Department of Textile and Clothing for B.A.(Hons) undergraduate students on the subject of Fashion and Products Development.

– The release of two Capsule Collections; White by Indi and Color Me


– Established her first brand INDI, couture designer wear for any occasion and launched it at Colombo Fashion Week.

– The release of Warrior Princes capsule collection


– Started Work with MAS Linea Aqua, which gave the opportunity to work as a senior swimwear fashion designer for projects on Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein in Los Angeles and Miami.

– The release of Secret Garden Capsule Collection


– Participated in Graduate Fashion Week in London

– The release of Japanese Garden capsule collection


– Becoming one of the best final 15 young designers at the British Bridal Buyer Awards, Harrogate UK.

– The release of B&W two face capsule collection