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We have got new and trendy designs consistently arriving at our store. We create new, innovative designs regularly and make sure to keep our products updated with the latest fashions. Take a look at some of the new arrivals and make your pick.

Halo Collection
Colombo Fashion Week 2019

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CFW Bohemian Royal

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Sri Lanka Heritage Collection
SAARC Threads of Hope

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Fashion Week

We have engaged in a great number of events with the inclusion of Colombo
Fashion Week. Colombo Fashion Week is a platform where the talents of Sri Lankan
designers are recognized and exhibited.

What makes
us special

We have certain specialties that make our products unique and popular.
Within the past few years a massive amount of consumer attraction
was seen due to these facts and in order to make our consumer
satisfaction optimum, we intend on continuing with the process.



We are one of the leading clothing brands in Sri Lanka. Our brand name “Indi” has gained a great amount of recognition during the past few years.


Creative Uniqueness

Our creative products have always succeeded in being conspicuous in the market and we have been thus identified as a brand that is unique.


Customer Relationship

We maintain a friendly relationship with our customers and we have been capable of satisfying our consumers’ requirements with great hospitality.


Traditional Designs

We target in taking our traditional clothing out to the global consumer base in order to win recognition as a country in the international market.

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Thoughts of our happy clients are the live testimonies to prove our excellence
in everything we do. We strive to satisfy our customers
beyond theirexpectation with a more personalized service.